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CPhI worldwide Exhibition
During : 13th to 15th October 2015

IFEMA, Feria de Madrid, Spain
Venue : Stall No. 8B26IP20

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YASHICA'S associate companies employs a group of highly skilled and experienced Ph.D chemists who can take or tackle virtually any type of organic synthesis.

YASHICA is strategically placed to undertake customized synthesis of organic chemical products.

Custom Synthesis in following reactions:

Nitration Reduction
Sulphonation Methoxylation
Acetylation Grignard Reaction
Aldol Condensation Acylation
Alkylation Esterification
Cyclocondensation Epoxidation (Chiral & Achiral)
Dehalohydrogenation Catalytic Reduction
Ammonolysis (Amidation) Halogenation (Cl, Br, I)
Diazotization Friedel Craft
Birch Reduction Cyanation
Hydrogenation Hydrolysis

* All the custom synthesis is treated under strict confidence.

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